Family Law Attorney in Charleston, SC

Family Law Attorney in Charleston, SC

While I primarily handle divorces and other family law cases in the South Carolina Counties of Charleston, Dorchester, and Berkeley, I have represented men and women in divorces, separations, and custody/visitation cases in more than ten counties throughout the entire state of South Carolina, as well as the South Carolina Supreme Court and South Carolina Court of Appeals.

As a family law attorney, I recognize that each client and each case is different. The practical and legal considerations of your individual case are unique to you. Perhaps the typical family lawyer’s one-size-fits-all approach of “file the divorce action in court, get a temporary hearing, and then try to settle at mediation” does not fit your individual needs. Your divorce or custody dispute may call for a simple solution without much court involvement. Or, the circumstances of your divorce may call for a creative approach to meet your own unique short-term and long-term needs and goals. From start to finish, I constantly look for the most efficient way to resolve your case, consistent with your ultimate goals, so that you and your family can get the lawyers out of the way and move on with your lives.

But, if your divorce, custody dispute, or other family law case will be hotly contested and require full litigation up through trial, I stand ready and willing to lead you through that process. I have tried Family Court cases for many other people just like you, throughout the state of South Carolina.

You are here because you need a family law attorney. This may be the most difficult time of your life. There is so much to think about other than the legal process, divorce/separation, child custody and visitation, child support, alimony/spousal support, property division.  Let me help you with those issues so that you can handle the other things and put together the rest of your life.  Let’s get started. Call or email me at RHB Law Firm, LLC and we will work together to get you what you need. The first thing that we will do is discuss your case, your needs, and your goals. We will develop a plan together to achieve the best resolution for you and your family.

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